About us

George & Co. Law Firm was established in 2002 to provide superlative quality and timely services. Our Law Firm with years of standing reputation in the Bangalore city has a very conservative method in dealing with the clients and also in terms of the law matters being handled.

George & Co. is one of the best law firm in the city of Bangalore and has substantial practice, George & Co. deals with all aspects of Indian Law.

While many law firms have years of experience (doing the things the same way), at George & Co. we recognize the need to build on the past, and change with times, to better meets our client's goals. Our professional team of lawyers offer sound advice and practical solutions to our clients. We provide valuable insights regarding the prevailing economic and commercial climate of India.

In the fact-paced legal and business environment, we quickly provide our clients with clear and practical advice to facilitate their commercial activities. We combine a personal approach with high professional standards and aim to provide a comprehensive legal services to our clients.

Our practice is divided into several distinct Practice Groups. We work as a team sharing knowledge and experience, thereby ensuring that all necessary expertise and resources are employed to achieve the best possible results for our clients.