Criminal Trial

Our team is adept in handling cases as a counsel for misconducts of corporate officials and employees. We are experienced in all aspects of criminal law. Our firm consists of advocates who concentrate their practice in the areas of white collar crimes and criminal law. George & Co. has handled a number of prosecutions involving representations for Individual crimes and crimes committed by employees in companies.

Our lawyers defend accused persons and obtain Anticipatory Bail, Bail and conduct trial of all major criminal cases. Filing Criminal law suits for infringement of trade mark and copyrights to protect the interests in intellectual property rights is conducted regularly by our firm.

Our Service includes:

  • Obtaining Anticipatory Bail and Regular Bail
  • Criminal Trail
  • Defending and Contesting Criminal Cases
  • Advise for filing cases
  • Matters related to Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Matters related to Dowry prohibition
  • Matters related with Fraud & Cheating
  • Criminal Appeal