About us

George & Co. Law Firm was established in 2002 to provide superlative quality and timely services. Our Law Firm with years of standing reputation in the Bangalore city has a very conservative method in dealing with the clients and also in terms of the law matters being handled.

George & Co. is one of the best law firm in the city of Bangalore and has substantial practice, George & Co. deals with all aspects of Indian Law.

Property Advocates in Bangalore

The property advocates in Bangalore provides the extensive service in all the aspects of property and real estate’s transactions which includes from the base to end of the full process .Right from the time of advising, drafting purchase, sale, leasing tenancy, construction, development and mortgage all these different scenarios are taken under great care our specialized team. The Real estate advocates in Bangalore has worked with many such clients and still working with many in cases related to property and which the real estate companies or individuals. The advocates in Bangalore have quality and ability to understand the client’s requirements regarding their legal matters and provide them with the best advices. The family advocates in Bangalore do not work superficially here we try to understand the issues deeply and give a deep study of the concerned matter. With experienced and highly qualified legal experts who are practising law since many years we provide with the optimal solutions to our clients. The Property advocates in Bangalore knows how to deal with the property matters; here they use the best skills to work in these cases without stretching them long for years and more and giving soon relief to their clients.

Purchase of property

Purchase of any property these days have become a careful dealing these days, some of the fraud deals are made too. The Property advocates in Bangalore serves as a buying guide for the people and provide with the informative knowledge right from when you started to deal for the property till the time of registration. The advocates here have dealt with as many as more than 200 cases with property matters with the positive results. The lawyers here are expertise in the area dealing with law related to property.”Property Law” is legal term used for right which is related with the economic content. There are many Act in India related with the property matters dealing. George Advocate &Co. Deals provides with the outstanding service in the field of property law as such Transfer of property, Registration Act, Sale of Property, Buying of Property, Transfer of Title and many more such issues. Advocate George & Co. Office provides the legal support proper guidance and assistance in all the matters related with the Property dealings.

Title Verification and Report on Title

Transfer of title and settlement is one of the complex property disputes proper steps while you are making a purchase of property or going to sell a property can save one of various messes in the latter stages and so verification is the important procedure to be followed while such acts. The Property advocates in Bangalore provides with the verification of property service which provides with the proper authenticated documents realised from court regarding the sell or purchase of any property, which serves as the perfect proves regarding the sale and purchase of the property. These documents enable the clients in future to get the genuine information and also the geniuses of the concerned property. The advocate in Bangalore also gives assistance to get the absolute title over the property.

Property Law Advisers

George Advocate & Co have a panel of such legal advisers who are expert in the related field of property matters and even solves the complex issues in simplified way. The Property advocates in Bangalore provides with the proper assistance and best legal advice related with law matters in concern with the properties. Here, the lawyers follows a unique client service.The Lawyers here provides with the great combination of legal advice together with the quality service so that the client should the perfect possible results in time. George Advocate & Co is one the popular advocates firm which more than 500 clients with the best proven results.

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